Customized Email Marketin Campaigns
Dig Dev Michael Richmond

With well over 250 unique and consistently updated targets on our consumer file, our email and postal files are indicative of the most sought after data sets available to meet the needs of direct marketing initiatives (both broadly and specifically targeted) in the industry today.



DigDev Michael Richmond is the leader in South Florida email marketing when it comes to running your business's email and data campaign



With digital marketing experts on the team with Michael Richmond DigDev Direct will dial in your email marketing campaign to right demographic.



With Michael Richmond DigDev on your digital campaign it will be you one of your most effective lead generation tools for business

Our Great Team

Michael Richmond

Michael Richmond DigDev has been involved in the digital interactive marketing industry for nearly a decade. His experience in the digital marketing space stems back to his position of Vice President of Sales at Relation Serve Media where his responsibilities included the opening of and maintenance of national accounts, specifically those consisting of Fortune 500 Companies and Global Advertising Agencies.

Shawn McNamara

Mr. McNamara has held high ranking operational positions in government, private and public companies, including holding the position of President and CEO of World Wide Web, a publicly traded online marketing company with offices in North America, South America and Australia. Mr. McNamara is credited as being one of the pioneers in the United States in permission based email marketing.

James Salerno

Mr. Salerno has over two decades of experience in financial management. He began his career with Tarmac America where he worked as a controller and later promoted to Vice President of Finance. In that role Mr. Salerno was responsible for all aspects of the financial management of the $500 million dollar a year entity.

Sunny Rajpal

Sunny Rajpal was appointed Chief Information Officer for DigDev Direct in April, 2009. He is responsible for the strategic use of Information Technology (IT) resources for DigDev Direct.  He is also responsible for Data Integrity and Business Applications. Sunny spent many years in a broad range of IT positions, including Software Development and Database Administration.